Hello World.

Hey, this is me. This is my site. It’s about me. I’m the guy in the photo who looks like a homeless man holding someone’s baby. Thankfully the baby is smiling, so you probably feel better about the homeless man holding her. It’s okay, that’s my baby and my wonderful wife Alchemy.

“Why do you look like a homeless man?” Some of you might be pondering. Well, let me enlighten you, dear reader. I look like this because I’ve never had a beard grow out this long and I’m quite interested in how it’s finally going to turn out. I haven’t had a haircut in a while either, so I might just let it go full Gandalf and see what that looks like.

Chances are you’ll find something on this site that might help you laugh, feel something tug at your heart, and probably offend you. However you may find yourself, I hope whatever you encounter causes you to pause and think about the possibility of living an amazing and fulfillingĀ life. I love you, just like you are.